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"Consultancy has become a euphemism for the state of being unemployed. There are some people calling themselves consultants without knowing the smallest thing about it. In other words, bluffers."
"The conditions of bluffing and of consultancy are largely synonymous. It is not just that the skills are in fact the same in both trades."
"Being a consultant means being an expert in a field which you have yourself invented, namely of that telling people who have been doing a job for years, that you know how to do that job better. A bluffer is somebody who pretends to do all this, which comes to very much the same thing in the end."

Nigel Viney: Bluff your way in consultancy

Despite this sarcastic definition of consultancy, the profession is fairly well-off, because there are still managers who seek in consultants something that they need and are even willing to pay for it!

It may look odd that in countries with a high quality level of education in management and comprehensive career plans, consultancy is a commodity. Why?

In particular, because these managers now differentiate (if possible) between genuine consultants and bluffers. They know how to get value from them. In other words, they know how to define their issue and how to select the best expert to solve it.