Industry skills

"Real consultants, as opposed to bluffers, tend to specialise. It is desirable to know about them, but not to emulate them. There is a sharp gulf between consultants in the older professions and those in new fields of expertise. For examples of the former you need only look to consultant psychiatrists, consultant physicians and so forth. The rule of thumb is that if they call themselves consultant something, they are old school and respectable. In other words, the term consultant is almost exclusively self-applied by people who know they are not in a profession. The first recorded instance of anyone seeking consultancy advice is in the Garden of Eden. It is perhaps unfortunate for the image of the sector that the snake was the one giving it."

Nigel Viney: Bluff your way in consultancy


Czech mining company: model for support restructuring and supplementary activities;

Automotive: evaluation of two foreign investors

Package producer: evaluation of requirements for operating capital

Chemical holding company: evaluation of holdings advantage

Manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment: assessment of key processes performance

Petrochemical company: methodology of management accounting

Package producer: business performance improvement

Food producer: selection of a distribution service supplier

Manufacturer of textile machines: Business Process Re-engineering
Qualification assessment of selected employees, basic motivation rules
Performance assessment of a research and development department

Food producer: business performance assessment

Foreign oil company: analysis of an acquisition target

Chemical company: analysis as a part of a new information system's implementation

Škoda Auto, a.s.: pilot project of Value Based Management implementation in production of engines and gearboxes;

CzechInvest: involvement in assistance to Czech companies as suppliers for multinational companies in electronics industry–advice on various issues to three companies.

Škoda Auto: central maintenance performance improvement

Manufacturer of fireproof doors: support in design of corporate strategy

CzechInvest: advisory services for 12 Czech companies in automotive industry, medical instruments and pharmaceuticals

Czech Manufacturing Group: design of centralisation of key decision processes including orgchart of the Group Headquarters, design of Corporate Governance policies


Financial services

Leasing company: feasibility study of banking market entry

Czech bank: business process re-engineering and cost reduction

Foreign bank: feasibility study of a new branch opening

Czech insurance company:

- Design of a management information system

- Pilot project on the allocation of overhead costs by using ABC.

Foreign bank: market analysis as a part of business planning

Czech financial institution: treasury design

Foreign bank: improvement of a credit process

Czech bank: analysis of customer relationship management

Foreign bank:

- Feasibility study of a leasing project market entry

- Feasibility study of a branch network opening

Services / miscellaneous

Supplier for telecoms: project management of a new information implementation system.

Hotel operator: feasibility study of a new hotel

International office equipment manufacturer: leasing feasibility study of market entry

Foreign GSM operator: support in bidding for obtaining GSM licence

Transportation company:

- Performance improvement of maintenance division,
- Business strategy for a foreign division.

Foreign engineering company: management audit of an acquisition target

Foreign utility: analysis of the Czech energy market

Music publishing: process improvement as a part of a new information system's implementation

Wholesale of fruit and vegetables: feasibility study of a new central warehouse.

Petrol retail: feasibility study of a new petrol station

Public institution: search for an investor for an important building

Public institution: market analysis

Czech Spa Operator Group: design of Corporate Governance policies