Profile of the consultant

Ing. Vlastimil Dominik "The consultant must study the art of self-promotion. Have yourself photographed doing things which will make you remembered, and have them published in the trade press. Sponsored parachute jumps are a possibility, though such energetic activities are not obligatory. You could, for example, borrow a bicycle and be photographed chaining it to railings outside the Bank of England. The caption can be innocuous, but the picture suggests, subliminally perhaps, close contact with the powers-that-be in the City."
Nigel Viney: Bluff your way in consultancy



Ing. Vlastimil Dominik


Technical Chemistry University, Prague,
Economy and Management of Chemical Industry, MSc equivalent,

Economics University, Prague,
post gradual study of Informatics, 1977-1979

Six-week training course of Czech and Slovak managers, Scandinavian
Management Centre, Stockholm, 1992

University of Bristol, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées,
Paris, Executive MBA, 1996, 1997

Training courses in consulting methodologies,
presentation and other special methodologies, 1993-2001

Working experience

A large Czech chemical company:
Management system analyst, 1972-1975
Manager of information system design, 1975-1985
Chief accountant, 1985-1987
Deputy Director of Corporate Economy, 1987-1992
Advisor to the CEO, 1992

Consulting department in one of the "Big Five" accounting firms:

Senior Consultant, 1993-1994
Manager, 1994-1996
Partner, 1996-2001

Language skills

  • Czech (mother tongue)
  • English
  • German
  • Russian (reading)

Other skills

MS Office applications


Publications (all in the Czech language):